Bundle prices reduced for a limited period

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For a limited period only, prices of our bundles have been reduced by £30 (GBP), equivalent to a 15% reduction. Normal price: £195.50, reduced price: £165.50. Each bundle contains six exam aids.

Adobe Creative Cloud

  • Adobe Photoshop CC [Exam Code: 9A0-354]
  • Adobe InDesign CC [Exam Code: 9A0-357]
  • Adobe Illustrator CC [Exam Code: 9A0-358]
  • Adobe Dreamweaver CC [Exam Code: 9A0-356]
  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 [Exam code: 9A0-361]
  • Adobe Digital Publishing Suite [Exam code: 9A0-365]

Adobe Creative Suite

  • Adobe Photoshop CS6 [Exam Code: 9A0-303]
  • Adobe InDesign CS6 [Exam Code: 9A0-306]
  • Adobe Illustrator CS6 [Exam Code: 9A0-333]
  • Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 [Exam Code: 9A0-332]
  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 [Exam code: 9A0-334]
  • Adobe Digital Publishing Suite [Exam code: 9A0-365]

Even if you utilise only three of the six exam aids, it's still a bargain because you will save £30 (GBP) or approximately $45 (USD). If, however, you were thinking of acquiring four certifications, then you will save a massive £95 (GBP) or approximately $145 (USD).


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