Are the questions in your exam aids the same as in the exam?

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One evergreen question we get asked is, "Are the questions in the exam aid the same as in the official exam?" Needless to say, they are not and cannot be for the obvious reason: if they were, then it wouldn't be an exam!

Even if we could somehow get hold of the questions and answers, we couldn't publish them without being sued by Adobe because, one, the exam content is Adobe's property and, two, you have to sign an agreement when you sit the exam that you will not disclose the content.

The way we construct the exam aids is by deciphering the Exam Guide published by Adobe, and then cover the same areas they recommend you study in order to prepare for the exam. Of course, Adobe would like you to purchase the study material it publishes but non of it is specifically written as an exam preparation tool, whereas our exam aids' only purpose is to prepare you for the exam, and are also interactive.

There are, of course, other preparation tools on the market. Some cover only a small area of the exam, hoping you will somehow limp through on a wing and a prayer (law of averages says some candidates will pass and, probably, would've passed without using any preparation tool), others cover nearly every aspect of the application so overloading your brain. We focus on only the essential areas, and provide extended answers and hyperlinks to targeted pages of the application's Help, should you feel the need for further study, or verification.

Don't take our word for how good our exam aids are compared to the competition, read the reviews, all gathered in one place on our Testimonials page:

"Many thanks to the Examaids software for making my journey easier. It really does focus your mind and get you ready for the exam and makes you "read the question". It is an excellent study and practice tool and I highly recommend anyone taking these exams to use it. It's an investment not a cost.

Square Bullet  Reviewer: Ken Fisher"


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