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Prepare for Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) and Associate (ACA) Exams


If you have an interest in seeing the Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) certification exams for Creative Cloud 2015 being updated, you can make your view known by filling out a form on the Adobe site:

Please note: we will update our CC 2015 exam aids when Adobe release corresponding Creative Cloud exam objectives.

Why become an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE)?

In today's highly competitive job market, you can improve your chances of success if you can show a potential employer, or contractor, that you can use Adobe software proficiently. You can do this by passing the Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) exam.

Once you have certified, you can  verify your certification electronically, and use the Adobe logo on your résumé, letterhead, business cards, website, or blog.

Why become an Adobe Certified Associate (ACA)?

By obtaining an Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) qualification, you can demonstrate entry-level skills required to plan and design projects, communicate ideas, use Adobe products proficiently, stand out from your peers, and expand your education and career opportunities. 


How can I prepare for the expert and the associate exams?

We have created interactive, self study exam aids whose sole objective is to help you prepare for and to pass the official corresponding exams.

The exam aids are written by Adobe Certified Experts, published authors and professional trainers, so you can have complete confidence in the content.

The content is made up of challenging original questions, multiple-choice answers, and extended answers, all served by an interactive, easy to use examEngine.

Why people prefer to buy study guides from us

Following are just a few of the reasons why individuals, schools, colleges and businesses buy from us.

  • The questions are all based on objective and topic areas endorsed by Adobe
  • We cover not just some but all of the endorsed objectives and topic areas
  • We do not force you to study features that will not appear in the official exam
  • More targeted questions than in other commercially available exam guides
  • All of our products are available for Windows and for Mac OS
  • Study and revision modes included to help you absorb the content
  • You can practice in a similar environment to the official exam
  • Customise the practice tests and generate as many as you require
  • Immediate delivery via digital download (ESD) or on a CD-ROM

Please see product pages for more details and the testimonials page for unsolicited reviews.

What David Blatner says about our exam aids

"The Examaids software not only preps you for taking the ACE exam, it actually simulates taking the test!"
David Blatner | Co-host of InDesignSecrets and co-author of Real World InDesign.

What Matt Kloskowski says about our exam aids

"Check out the prep exams from Examaids. They are simply the best out there and will shave hours (if not days) off of your exam prep time."
Matt Kloskowski | Lightroom Killer Tips

What buyers are saying about our exam aids

"Many thanks to the Examaids software for making my journey easier. It really does focus your mind and get you ready for the exam and makes you "read the question". It is an excellent study and practice tool and I highly recommend anyone taking these exams to use it. It's an investment not a cost."
Ken Fisher | Photographer

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