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Study with confidence for the Adobe ACE and ACA certifications

Illustrator CS5 ACE Exam Aid [Mac]

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Adobe Illustrator CS5 ACE Exam Aid

Written by Sharon Steuer and Shangara Singh

Exam number: 9A0-144 and 9A0-145

Product Overview

The Adobe Illustrator CS5 ACE Exam Aid is specifically written in order to help you prepare for and to pass the Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) product proficiency exam.

The exam aid is divided into Study and Practice modes, contains multiple-choice questions based on the objectives recommended for study by Adobe and served by an interactive exam engine.

You can use the exam aid to test your expertise level, acquire relevant knowledge, track your progress, and gain confidence by practising in an environment similar to the actual exam.

Key Features

  • Includes 450 original, and challenging questions
  • Questions based on Adobe endorsed topic areas
  • Content divided into modules as per official exam
  • Includes a What's New (Recertification) module
  • Study mode with option to view answers on demand
  • All questions accompanied by explanatory answers
  • Hyperlinks to selected pages of application’s Help file
  • Summary screens for reviewing module content
  • Review mode for refreshing your knowledge
  • Practice mode that simulates the official exam
  • Verify your answers against correct answers
  • Generate practice tests based on the question pool
  • Customise practice tests to suit your study needs
  • Include/exclude a module(s) from a practice test
  • Adjust countdown clock and/or passing score
  • Filter by flagged or skipped questions
  • Rotate choices in Study or Practice mode
  • Attach a custom note and view on demand
  • View all custom notes on demand
  • Keyboard shortcuts for mouse-free operation
  • Free updates

Topics Covered

The exam aid systematically covers the following objectives and topic areas, as recommended for study by Adobe in order to prepare for the exam.

Working with Illustrator documents

  • Create a document with multiple artboards, defining its options with a new document profile
  • Create a new artboard in a document
  • Manage objects on a single artboard or the entire work area
  • Modify and use multiple artboards
  • Manage multiple open documents
  • Control the working environment with Application Frame, Application Bar, workspace, and panel states
  • Choose a preview mode to visualize the document
  • Choose the proper settings in the Preferences dialog box
  • Customize keyboard shortcuts with the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog box
  • Create guides, grids, and use Smart Guides
  • Build a document structure based on layers
  • View and modify document metadata information
  • Save a document with the best format and options

Drawing and transforming objects

  • Control object size and other options using the Control bar
  • Create and modify a vector object using the Pen tool and Bezier controls
  • Customize the visual appearance of strokes
  • Modify vector paths and anchor points using the appropriate tool
  • Use Isolation Mode to edit objects, groups, symbols, or layers
  • Create either a clipping mask or layer-level clipping set to hide parts of objects
  • Use a mix of open/closed paths, compound paths, and compound shapes
  • Align or distribute objects precisely on an artboard
  • Select and control the stacking order of two or more objects
  • Modify an object with one or more transformation tools
  • Create and apply a pattern swatch
  • Record steps as a reusable action

Managing color and transparency

  • Set up Color Management settings and proof color on screen
  • Create or load swatches, organize them, and apply them to objects
  • Apply transparency options to objects
  • Explore color combinations using the Color Guide panel
  • Recolor and fine-tune artwork in a document
  • Use the appropria tools to create a smooth color mix

Using type

  • Create the appropriate area text, text on a path text and point type object
  • Format type using character and paragraph attributes
  • Create and apply character and paragraph styles to text
  • Use the Glyph and OpenType panels to obtain special characters
  • Format a story using text frame threading and text wrap
  • Locate or replace fonts inside a document
  • Customize language dictionaries
  • Adjust and apply hyphenation

Controlling effects, appearances, and graphic styles

  • Manage fills, strokes, transparency, or effects in the Appearance panel
  • Apply the appropriate Live Effect to an object
  • Save and apply graphic styles to objects
  • Use the Eyedropper tool to copy attributes between elements

Building graphic objects

  • Create and format a graph
  • Create and use the appropriate brush options
  • Create and use a symbol
  • Build a complex shape using Live Paint, Shape Builder and Pathfinder
  • Apply and edit an object distortion envelope
  • Use the Eraser, Blob Brush, or Bristle Brush tool
  • Define and use a perspective grid
  • Draw and move one or more objects in perspective

Working with images

  • Import images into your document
  • Manage assets with the Links panel
  • Convert an image into a vector object using Live Trace

Preparing graphics for web or screen display

  • Choose the appropriate settings to save illustrator artwork for web or mobile devices
  • Prepare your document for Flash authoring
  • Prepare web graphics choosing the proper settings
  • Save document to either SWF or FGX format

Preparing document for print

  • Analyze the content of a document with the Document Info panel
  • Use the Flattener Preview to preview and control the transparency flattening process
  • Preview and analyze onscreen color separations
  • Choose the right PDF presets or customize options
  • Choose the correct print options and create custom print presets


The interactive exam engine is streamlined and easy to use, leaving you free to concentrate on the task of studying for the exam.

System Requirements

• Mac OS X 10.6
• Mac OS X 10.7
• Mac OS X 10.8
• Mac OS X 10.9
• Java Runtime Environment

Other Details

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