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Study with confidence for the Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) exams.


Your payment processor is declining my credit card. There is nothing wrong with it. Can you please tell me what is going on?

  • Your issuing bank may have marked the payment as fraudulent because you are making a payment abroad. Please contact your bank
  • The details held on record by your issuing bank do not match the details you entered on the payment collection page
  • You may not have entered the correct 3-D Secure password on the payment page that you have registered with your issuing bank
  • Your credit card is not supported by our payment collector (we accept MasterCard, AmEx, Delta, Visa, Maestro, and debit cards)

You said I can download immediately after payment. Where is my download link?  

  • Please check your order status to make sure your credit card has been charged (there may be verification problems). Links are sent only once your credit card has been charged
  • Please check your spam folder in case your spam filter has marked our email as spam and then placed it in the Junk or the Trash folder
  • Provided your credit card has been charged, you can download products by logging into your account

I made the purchase several days ago. Why haven't I received the download information?

If you have not received the download information within 24 hours of your purchase, it could be because:
  • Our email has been marked as spam and is sitting in your spam folder
  • Our email has bounced back, or has been deleted by your ISP/host without any notification
  • You have filters set to block HTML (Rich Text) emails
  • SpamCop is blocking our emails sent to your email address
  • The email address you used to make the purchase is inactive
  • The email address you used requires verification by a person
  • The domain name in your PayPal account is not configured properly
Please take the following action:
  • Login to your account, click the View Order Status or the Completed Orders link and then the download product link
  • Check your spam folder and verification queue if you are employing human verification
  • Send an email to us using another account but NOT from the same host or domain name if possible (include order information)

How can I bypass the error message I see when I expand the downloaded, zipped file?

Please try using another zip utility to unzip the downloaded file.


Mac OS says the app is from an unidentified developer and won't let me install the exam aid. What should I do?

You can either Control-click on the .pkg file and choose Open to bypass the message, or change the Security & Privacy > General setting to Anywhere in System Prefs.


The exam aid will not run when I click Launch or double-click the application or the shortcut icon on my Desktop. What is wrong?

You need to install the correct version of Java Runtime Environment on your system. Go here, download appropriate package and install (usually a good practice to uninstall older versions first).


I have installed the exam aid in Mac OS but I see only a blank window when I launch the exam aid. What am I doing that's wrong?

Please visit following Apple support page, download package and install. It should solve the problem.


I have installed the exam aid on my Mac but cannot view the graphics accompanying the questions. What is the solution?

Please repair permissions, and/or update the Java Runtime Environment. Refer to your operating system's documentation for exact steps.


Can I use the exam aid on my desktop and my laptop computer or do I need to buy two copies?

You can use the exam aid on two personal computers but you are not allowed to run the two versions at the same time.


Are your exam aids available in languages other than English?

Exam aids are available only in English. We do not have any firm plans to translate them into other languages at this stage.


Do you offer discounts when a customer purchases more than one exam aid?

Prices are automatically discounted by our shopping cart when you buy multiple copies of any one of our exam aids.


Do you offer free sample exams or exam aids that I can trial before I buy?

Yes, please see our Demos page. The demos are fully functioning but contain a limited number of questions.


I took the exam but I didn't find a single question from your exam aid in it! Can I have my money back?

The material in our exam aids is original and is based on the areas recommended for study by Adobe. Any resemblance to the questions in the official exam is purely coincidental.


Will you update the exam aid to include the latest Creative Cloud updates?

Only if the corresponding exam is also updated by Adobe to include the new features.


I tested on two computers and I couldn't find some of the options you listed in the exam aid. How can I be sure the content is correct?

Make sure your application is not using custom settings. Refer to its user manual on how to revert it to factory settings.


Do you offer exam aids for the Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) exams?

We have the Adobe Photoshop CC ACA Exam Guide. We will be adding one for Photoshop CS6 in the very near future.



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